You are unique.  You’re not part of a job-lot at a car boot sale. Your aspirations, needs, character, family, longings, hopes and dreams are individually yours.  We love that.

Most people decide on coaching when it becomes clear that something is not working as they want it to.  Often, though not always, a client is ‘stuck’ in some aspect of their personal, family or work life.  Or worried about someone else who isn’t doing well.

Whatever your reason for contacting Powerchange, expect to leave behind what you don’t want any more, and move on towards a better, happier and more fulfilled future.

You can call me or text when you’re ready on 0777-163-1945 or email andrew@powerchange.com for a free informal no-commitment conversation, ask whatever questions you like and decide for yourself “Is Powerchange for me?” No need to leave it any longer.

If the answer is a clear no, then let’s stop right here. (We’re not for everybody.)  But if the answer is maybe, well, you’ve nothing to lose to find out more, have you?  Just do it.

PS: This is our new website and it is still a work in progress. Please let us know of any irritating broken links so we can fix them.


A way to say thank you.