Not everyone wants to run their own business. Most people who take up a franchise are self-motivated, have an entrepreneurial streak, and enjoy being their own boss.

Harvard Business School describes an entrepreneur as someone who looks first at the opportunities available, rather than the resources available.

Franchising is about identifying and developing opportunities. In fact, it’s about creating them too, making things happen rather than waiting for things to happen.

The ideal franchisee is someone who is inspired by what they do, loves to work hard, and is honest, loyal, considerate and realistic.

Prepared for Take-off

Whilst the Powerchange Coach course already includes significant business development training, becoming a Partner gives those who have caught the essence of Powerchange the chance to fly.

Steadily building on the foundation of our experience and expertise in the field of developing a coaching practice, owning a Powerchange Partnership will mean you take off sooner, on a shorter runway. 

No trundling along for years before anything happens. No need to develop your own coaching materials.  We’ve done it for you.

We’re not an ordinary company. We’re Powerchange.

NB:We use the word ‘Partner’ in its wider social sense. Working with us is subject to our Code of Conduct, our Partners’ Handbook, and the Partners’ Agreement.

A Business on Tap

A Opportunity not to be Missed

Following your completion of the full Powerchange Coach training, we will be offering some graduates an opportunity to become a Powerchange ‘Partner’.

Of course, it’s much more than a ‘business in a bag.’ Based on a version of the proven Business Model Franchise, a Partner is licensed to use the Powerchange brand ‘as their own’, working to our high standards and being supported and encouraged to grow their own coaching practice as part of the Powerchange Group.

If the thought of this appeals to you, you may like to call us. We would like to make it clear right from the start that this is not an automatic opportunity. We’re looking for people who share our passion for coaching, our vision of people ‘living lives they’re proud to own’, as well as our determined commitment to grow the unique and increasingly valuable ‘Powerchange®‘ brand. However, the full coach training is the baseline and apart from anything else will change your life for ever.

Still interested? Then, so are we. Let’s talk:    01903 744399 or a direct call to Andrew: 0777 163 1945.