Lesley Lambeth

Just imagine what it would be like to realise that your future does not need to be determined or dictated by your past experiences.

Through Powerchange, I have discovered and learnt the secrets of lasting confidence and I now know what it’s like to look forward to each day with joy and without dread whatever the circumstances.

I am no longer just a product of my past; I am able to use the past to launch and motivate me into a more positive future.

The most poignant and meaningful change has been deep down inside where I now know and can help others know that every human being is of immense value and considerable worth, regardless of their performance though when you feel this good your performance can’t help but improve!

Being able to coach others and visibly witness the changes that happen when a person’s self-esteem is raised to the highest level. How exciting might that be?

If you want to join me on the road to real liberation, email me