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I am based in Basildon, Essex. I have coached clients in both Basildon and South London. I am happy to extend the span of my coaching activities to other parts of Essex as well as London as a whole. This can be on a one to one basis, groups as well as telephone coaching.

Qualifications and experience:
Powerchange GOLD Coach
NLP Practitioner Coach
Diploma in Personal Development Coaching
Degree in Law (Llb)
Common Profession Exam (C.P.E)
Diploma in Theology (Dip Th)
Former Principal and lecturer in a Bible School
Over 10 years’ experience in family and relationship counselling
Worked as an Education Welfare Officer in Education Welfare Service in Essex from 2002-2008
Community service within the Judicial System
Leader of a Women’s Christian fellowship in present local church


Personal Development Coaching and Training with special emphasis on Church groups
Leadership Training and Coaching with church Groups
Coaching Young People
Relationship Coaching and Counselling
Coaching Christians in developing their Purpose and faith beliefs

From a variety of backgrounds

The passion of my life has always been delivering relationship and personal enhancing principles to people. After working within the Education Sector for about 5 years, I started yearning for a career that would encompass my life passion and enhance my life as well as ability to create a lasting impact on lives. That is when I discovered Powerchange Training and indeed the course lives up to it’s name! I since then have had the pleasure of discovering and using powerful lifechanging principles in my life and the lives of my family and clients, with wonderful results. That transformation is only a decision away…You have the power to change your life! Coaching can assist you tap into it.