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“Coaching people like you is an extraordinary privilege.  We are all able to make changes in our lives, some of them so fundamental that life seems immeasurably different afterwards and we wonder why we did not make the change before.  I specialise in helping people to make those kind of changes, but also in helping some to manage simply the issues of every day.   Whether you are looking for a major life change, or just an improvement in daily living, coaching can help you to find what was hidden to you before.”

Martin spends a lot of his time coaching teenagers as they face exams, course and career choices and the sometimes fraught relationships with peers, parents, teachers and their inner selves.  But the principles are exactly the same at any stage of life.

“My clients frequently find that they quickly can see the world, and themselves, a different way;  that makes all the difference to living happily and positively.”


Martin is based in the Midlands and coaches people face to face both near home and in London.  He also coaches people all over the world using Skype.


•    executive coaching

•    personal development coaching

•    career coaching

•    therapeutic coaching – particularly in relation to sleep, mindfulness, self-image, depression & emotional strength building

•    coaching in education, particularly for young people, teachers, managers and leaders

Qualifications and experience

Martin is PowerChange Gold Coach

He has degrees in Physical Geography and Theology and at a postgraduate level has studied pastoral Care & Counselling.

Martin conducted his doctoral studies in Pastoral Theology in South America.

Martin is currently studying on a Master’s course in Positive Psychology

Martin has spent a lifetime helping learners to learn, he has a very wide experience in Public Speaking and working with groups


Martin coaches people in all walks of life, He currently spends much of his time coaching teenagers and teachers.  He has a wide knowledge of education, particularly at secondary and tertiary levels.


You can contact Martin by email at: Opens window for sending  If you would like to speak by phone, then please indicate suitable times and he will call back.