Andrew Sercombe is CEO of Powerchange, specialises in coaching leaders and gifted young people. He is responsible for coach training and the company’s overall vision and development. Andrew works in Greater London, South of England, and internationally.

Gillian Curtis  is a GOLD Coach and Coach Supervisor based in Islington, London. Gillian is Head of Accreditation and Assessment for Powerchange, coaching clients from all over London and beyond. Gillian has wide experience and coaches adults and young people.

Partner and GOLD Coach Stephen Long is based in Harlow, Essex, and coaches clients from all over the East and South-East of England face-to-face and nationally by telephone. He specialises in coaching professionals, children and working with groups to motivate and help bring about the desired change especially through developing self-esteem and worth.

He regularly writes a blog on the latest psychological thinking and shares useful advice. This can be found at:

Advanced Coach Anya Sizer leads the Fertility Coaching Programme for Powerchange as well as having specialisms in coaching eating disorders and families. Anya is based in Stoke Newington, North London.

Partner and GOLD Coach Helen Liddarworks with people who are interested in making changes in their lives, whatever they may be.  Helen is a solicitor with 16 years experience of working in local government and enjoys working with clients within their workplaces. Based in Oxfordshire she works mainly with clients around Oxfordshire, in London and the south of England.

 Dr Anne Scott is a Powerchange GOLD Coach  specialising in life and  career coaching in the Brighton area and along the south coast of England.

Tim Abel is a Powerchange GOLD Coach and a Partner. He is based in Cardiff. Tim has extensive experience in coaching, training and counselling.

Martin Hewitt  has an international background in leadership, coaching, training and personal development and is based in the Midlands. Martin joined Powerchange as a Partner in 2009.

Cat Dean is a Powerchange GOLD coach based in North East London. Her career includes extensive work in the media and voluntary sector and she specialises in life and careers coaching

Elaine Ward  is a GOLD coach, lives in Dorset and is personal coach to men and women from the South and West of England. Elaine runs the life enhancing Powerchange Breakaways.

Margaret Jarrett, the mother of five young people, is a Powerchange GOLD Coach and works with clients in South East of London.

Lesley Lambeth is an Advanced Powerchange Coach and works as a Parent Liason Worker for four London schools.  She lives in East Sussex and specialises in what she describes as coaching ‘real liberation’.

Gerald Sercombe is an Advanced Coach working with challenging young people.  He is a foster parent and a church elder. Gerald is a farmer in West Sussex.

Denise Dale is a GOLD coach and works with clients in the greater London area. Based in Surbiton, Surrey, Denise has a background in fashion, having worked as a consultant for major department stores.

Nina Al Temimi is a Powerchange GOLD Coach, lives in Monmouth, South Wales and specialises in colour and image for both men and women.

GOLD Coach Lillian Lartey Lillian is a health training specialist, with a particular focus on nutrition and weight management. She is based in Croydon, and coaches across Greater London.

Elaine Day  is based in Cornwall, a GOLD Coach, and coaches clients in the South West of England and beyond. Elaine is an outstanding coach, specialising in coaching relationships.

Diana Brown  has Advanced Coach accreditation and is a Social Worker, supporting children of all ages in local authorities and voluntary organisations, and with adults in mental health crises.

Marion Copley is a GOLD coach and is based in Surrey. She enjoys working with people who want to develop their self-esteem and worth.

Liz Asiedu-Yeboa is a GOLD coach who particularly enjoys Personal Development Coaching and Training with special emphasis on Church groups.

Paul Bristow is a Powerchange Gold Coach living in Fareham, Hampshire. Paul has many years’ experience of working with youth both in and out of the school situation.

Ros Bristow is a Powerchange Gold Coach living in Fareham, Hampshire with her husband, Paul and their three daughters. “My life has been genuinely transformed inside and out since doing the Gold coach course.”

Sandra Nambasa is a Powerchange Gold Coach. She is passionate about seeing young people and adults move forward from where they are to where they would like to be.