What you gain as a client

The Powerchange Coaching System gives the client:

Security – the assurance that your coach will look after you.  Your Powerchange Coach has been thoroughly trained, knows what he or she is doing, is trustworthy and has a clear support system in place.  Our coaches are accountable to and accredited by the Powerchange Association.

Flexibility -the opportunity to ‘start anywhere, go everywhere’ for those clients who are not clear on what they want from their coaching.

An enjoyable coaching experience – we like to bring out the smile in our clients, who leave the session feeling energised and with a healthy sense of well-being.

Choice – Powerchange has a unique variety of Specialist Coaches – health and fitness, executive and performance coaching, family, life-coaching, education, relationships, and many more. We’ll happily pass you on to one of the team who specialises in your needs and who will enable you to seamlessly move forward on a new course.

Unlimited opportunities to take your coaching further if you want to – or not. We regularly have clients taking a break from coaching and coming back to us months and sometimes years later when they are ready, like you, to take the next step forward.