And what about NLP, TA, and other therapies?

We use aspects of all these as long as they have a clear scientific base. 

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) has some helpful exercises and techniques that work for some people, so we use those as and when they are appropriate. NLP is not a ‘therapy’.

Transactional Analysis (TA) also has something to offer, so we use a small selection of TA techniques from time to time. TA is ‘Analysis’ and can be very drawn out.

Timeline Therapy works for us.  Timeline (or lifeline, as it is sometimes called) was developed by American psychologist Tad James about 20 years ago. It is really useful in helping people who are particularly sensitive to their feelings in their response to the people and circumstances around them, and people who lose track of time. Again, despite its name, it is only therapeutic because it helps you feel great!  (Therapy means TREAT-ment. Time line is a real treat to experience. 

Today the brain sciences (called neurosciences) have given us a vast new knowledge of how people ‘work’, and we use that huge and ever-growing body knowledge to coach our clients.