To put it bluntly…

…it works – and, surprisingly, you don’t even have to believe in God!

It seems that the benefits are linked as much to the primary ‘hard wiring’ of your brain to believe in some sort of ‘higher power’ or deity as to the believe-or-not choices you actually make.

This hard-wiring is generally recognised by scientists across the whole spectrum of religious belief, from passionate atheists committed to a rigid materialist doctrine to equally passionate believers taking a diametrically opposite position.

Tendere Coaching

Tendere is Latin and it means to stretch or reach out towards something or someone. We get the verb ‘to tender’ (as in ‘tender a resignation’) from this root.

We’ve chosen this word to highlight the need we’ve noticed in our coaching practices for clients to reach out to higher levels of personal strength and authority in their lives, taking them beyond the limitations of conventional coaching towards giving significant attention to less measurable, invisible aspects of personal development, yet aspects that affect all others.

The benefits of a more spiritual approach are being recognised increasingly among a growing number of researchers and psychologists in our 21st Century world, with a body of evidence that shows spirituality having significant and measurable beneficial outcomes. These include, deeper daily satisfaction, improved emotional and physical health, an ability to keep life in perspective, reductions in stress and mental illness, and increased inner strength – strength that does not depend on a demand for control, but rather on a natural ‘kind’ authority.

Many respected universities and academic centres now have ongoing research focusing on ‘spiritual’ processes like meditation, compassionate contemplation, and other spiritually-oriented health programmes. Using the latest technology and proven scientific method, researchers are able to examine the real-time effect of spiritual experiences.

The results are clear:

  • There is a primal human drive to believe in and reach out to ‘something’ higher, beyond ourselves.
  • Accepting the reality of this drive, and collaborating with it (rather than denying or ridiculing it) will improve your quality of life.
  • Belief in a benevolent, kind, loving God is good for you.
  • Belief in a punitive ‘cold’ judgemental God is actively damaging.
  • A commitment to honest ‘seeking after truth’ has significant and measurable beneficial outcomes.
  • Giving ‘significant attention’ to this is important. (Scientists recommend a minimum of 30 minutes of private meditative space at the beginning of the day.) 
  • There is no conflict between spirituality and good science.

So what is Powerchange’s approach? Whilst we happily recognise that spirituality can have its roots in all sorts of weird and wonderful origins, from ancient crystals to mainstream  ‘top five’ religions, our company background is primarily Judeo-Christian, and we offer Tendere from that foundational context.

We really look forward to introducing you to Tendere (if that’s your preference) as part of your one-to-one coaching with us, or to welcoming you aboard a Tendere day course. Just ask. You get to choose!