What Gillian’s clients say:

"Coaching with Gillian has really changed my life. It’s given me more confidence and focus. Many of my new life goals have already been achieved. And I’m looking forward to more."   CT, London.

"Professional benefits of my coaching experience have been looking at where I want to be with work, setting goals and targets, looking at how I relate to colleagues and thinking about how I handle situations and issues at work." KH, Wimbledon.

"Coaching has been very effective in my life. It’s helped me to be a stronger person and to be able to stand up for myself. It has restored family relationships."  KO Camden.

"My coaching has been brilliant. I just love waking up every morning now!" NM, Haringey.

"You just won’t believe it! I’m insanely, fantastically content. I don’t have to prove myself to people. Amazing, amazing! Things can go wrong and that’s OK. What people say to me, (the nice things) have the potential to be true. My friend said, ‘"I liked you before, but I like you so much better now." J. London

You may be able to speak to Gillian’s clients personally.  Email your request to her.