I am living and eating freely again!

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November 25, 2010
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February 2, 2015

I am living and eating freely again!

‘J’ is a woman in her early thirties who has struggled with an eating disorder for many years, despite several bouts of counselling. She was introduced to Powerchange via a friend who is completing the GOLD Course. ‘J’ is now committed to completing the training herself in order to help others.

‘J’s story follows. Her life has changed fundamentally, she is now able to socialise, go out to restaurants an fully engage with her life from a position of self-control rather than self-doubt. If this strikes a chord with you please get in touch.

"Looking back, there are several situations in my life where things were unbearable, and food was a way I could have control.

I couldn’t pinpoint a cause or exact reason why I’d binge and then make myself sick – it just became normal behaviour for me.

I’ve had countless sessions with counsellors over the years, but have never felt anything was really addressed – certainly I made no lasting changes. In fact it made me feel worse about myself because I couldn’t deal with my problem and my life was like an out of control roller-coaster.

I had the opportunity to attended the ‘SHAPE’ day course on 09/10/10 run by Powerchange. It was an eye opener, offering a completely different way of dealing with life situations. That was followed by a 40minute phone conversation with Roy going through some issues which blew me away and changed more of my thinking and actions.

A month later I attended the Powerchange ‘Phobia Busting’ course, finding myself completely open to receiving whatever developed click over here now.

But at lunchtime I turned to a friend and said ‘ I can’t do it, I can’t sit down and eat with loads of people.’ I was petrified. She spoke to Andrew who talked with me in the room while the others went off to get lunch. The true reason behind my food issue was brought to the surface – it wasn’t about food itself, it was about what everyone else’s opinions were of me! We identified a deeply rooted belief that had crippled me for years, then proceeded to join the others for lunch. I sat at the table ate soup and chatted with Andrew and the others, not intimidated by food for the first time I could remember – sorted, and all in 6 minutes!

Nearly two weeks later and I have been out to eat 7 times!! I can relax and enjoy a meal with friends without worrying what they are thinking – I am living and eating freely again!"

If this resonates with you please call 01903 744399 or email andrew@powerchange.com

J’s Cakes – which she now loves to share with others!

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