Positive Psychology works, but we’ve found Corrective Truth Technique works better and needs no reinforcement once established in the client’s thinking. 

CTT, or Corrective Truth Technique, is a psycho-therapeutic method of correcting damaging perspectives on your life and world and live with increased freedom.  In Powerchange we use it to neutralise emotional damage and re-establish a healthy foundational platform for a client’s thoughts.

Corrective sight surgery for the brain

In the same way that ‘physical’ corrective surgery is seeking to undo physical damage due to accident, trauma, cancer, or illness, CTT takes the process of repair to the psychological and emotional health of the client. This may include diagnoses of excessive stress, phobic and other fear-based damage, depression, bi-polar, eating and relational disorders.

We now know that psychological issues ARE ‘physical’ as they actively effect your neural networks. Truth heals – with CTT you will see oyur life more clearly, feel more settled and secure, and be less vulnerable to distortion and further damage. 

CTT may be included in your appointment with a Powerchange Personal Development Consultant.