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You can pay your fees in several different ways:

Internet Bank Transfer:  Simply transfer the agreed amount from your account to ours. We bank with HSBC. Our account details are in the blue box on the right.  We prefer this option where possible.

Credit and Debit Card:  Click on the drop-down menu and choose the appropriate Fee Option we have agreed. Then click the Buy Now button. You will be taken to the Paypal Payment Gateway where in just a minute or two you can create an account and pay with your Credit or debit card.  (If the amount you want to pay doesn’t show on the drop-down list, make two separate payments that make up the amount,  eg:  Â£300 = £100 + £200.) 

We’ve chosen to use Paypal because it is so universally accepted on the internet and respected for its approach to web payment security, but it costs an additional 3% that we reluctantly need to pass on to the client. This is reflected in the payment drop down. Use Internet Transfer to avoid this cost.

You have a Paypal Account? Choose the agreed fee from the Options list, click Buy Now, and you’re away.