A Personal Welcome

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Andrew Sercombe, Director.



A warm welcome to Powerchange.


Thanks for visiting this site. I’m Andrew Sercombe, founder of our personal development service, Powerchange. I want to thank you for considering us as a source of something you might need.

We’re here to help you.

Although Powerchange is of course a business, our focus is to be part of a very realistic answer for men and women and young people who are stuck, disappointed, frustrated, know they are missing out in some way, or feel inside they are just not ‘how they want to be’.

If your life is not working properly – or you’re keen to move forward into the future with courage and conviction –  we are here for you.

There is a lot on this site for you to find out, lots of pages and information, and some of it will be new to you, but what you won’t find are unrealistic or exaggerated claims and hype.  We like to tell it as it is, and are becoming particularly well known for the highly skilled common sense ‘honest’ coaching we provide.

Although we don’t always ‘get it right’ (usually we do!), we are gaining a reputation for our highly effective fresh approach to coaching.  It doesn’t need to take forever and it really works.

So welcome. If you need an appointment and want to be different, just call or email. You may be able to get direct access to me personally on my mobile – by all means try.  If I can take your call I certainly will, and answer any questions you may have. Or leave me a voice note (with your name and number!) and I’ll get back to you.

Here’s to a consistently better future for you,