Stretch – Achieve beyond your Reach

Stretch – achieve beyond your reach

“The Stretch programme is much more powerful than it first appears. The questions seemed so innocent and simple when I started, but they really get inside you and start changing the way you think about what you do.”

The Stretch Pack contains three workbooks:

  • Coaching for Achievement
  • Coaching for Performance
  • Your five-week Stretch Journal

They contain creative questions to answer, inspiring exercises to do, and an opportunity to record your progress. They do what they say – stretch you.

For those who want to coach themselves – perhaps you’re worried you can’t afford Powerchange coaching – and for the person who is committed to being more effective and productive in what they do and wants to be coached towards those goals, the Stretch programme is perfect. It costs £50 and will profoundly change you. Call us – we’ve a pack waiting!

When did you last invest time and money in your future?  Treat yourself to this outstanding ‘starter kit’ from Powerchange. Call us for the Stretch Achievement and Performance Coaching pack, or better still hire a Powerchange Coach to support you through it. And enjoy the life-long results.