Relationships and People

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Whether we like it or not (and many people don’t) we are dependent on each other.

We need one another to live out our lives.  None of us is actually self-sufficient, although we like to think we are. We rely on other human beings for just about everything.  We need them for life itself to continue.

Yet human beings hurt each other big time.  More than for any other reason, people come to us for therapeutic coaching because they have been damaged by others. They may not know how or where.  They may try to ignore it or make light of it, or fix it in some way, but still the ‘relational infection’ affects them.  Not necessarily every day, but at the least wanted moments.

It might be anyone – Mum, Dad, a son or daughter, a manager, partner, husband, wife,  brother, sister, friend, someone in our social group, at work or at school, a teacher, or other authority figure – yes, anyone.  Someone said or did something that damaged you, and an infection sets in, and you go on being damaged.  And then the damage continues, the infection spreads as you unintentionally damage others too.  ‘Hurt people hurt people’.  And so the cycle continues, often for generations.  Even when you are desperately trying so hard to compensate.

Or maybe you are the one they are hurting.

For 100 years penicillin changed the world by dealing with infection and is still doing so today.  I’m pleased to say we have ‘discovered’ several life-healing ‘antibiotic’ techniques you can use to break the cycle, repair damage and stop the infection spreading.  We have been refining and using them successfully in our coaching practice for at least ten years.  As we coach you, we show you how the damage began, and how it happens still, and correct it with you.

Not only that but we show you how you can turn that damage into something powerful and good, so the damage becomes a resource to actively neutralise the emotional pain and psychological damage in others too.

If this applies to you – and there is a very high chance that it does – do not leave it any longer. There is no value whatsoever in leaving this ‘relational infection’ to its own devices, hoping it will go away.  It doesn’t. Like a tumour, it grows and spreads.  Hurt is contagious.  And there is evidence to suggest that what we’ve called relational infection may be linked to full blown physical infection too and other auto-immune conditions and illness, often in later life.

And what about your relationship with yourself?

What does your head say to your heart – and your heart to your head?  And are you listening? Too often we try to tell ourselves to ‘shut up’ when that inner relationship needs care and attention. Know what I mean?

You don’t have to live with it.  We do small-group discovery workshops and individual coaching  for people who want to sort out their relationships – or need more skills to help others. Text or call me on 0777-163-1945, or email for a no-commitment conversation about how we can help you repair some of the relational damage in your world.

And maybe stop it happening so often in the future?[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]