LifeScan: Proactive health psychology

Powerchange LifeScan invites you to check out your life, refresh and repair it, give it a ‘deep clean’ where needed, identify and celebrate your true successes, and replace what is old, worn and unwanted with a revitalised daily life that has joy, freshness and authenticity.
LifeScan increases inner freedom, personal strength, credibility, wealth, love, better relationships and a rich sense of well-being.
It’s for people who want the past sorted out, the present worth living, and a future worth pursuing.

LifeScan starts with a single  confidential stand-alone appointment of up to three hours specifically designed to provide priceless insight into who you are as a person.

Your initial Powerchange LifeScan will:

  • be a liberating revelation
  • bring out the best in you
  • give you the opportunity for a fresh, clean start.

Then week by week, month by month at your optional regular LifeScan Checkup with your Powerchange Coach you build on what you are discovering.

LifeScan gives you deep, authentic change. LifeScan Checkup means you keep it.