Multi-Sensory Self-Care Therapy.

A powerful tool for emotional wellbeing.

Powerchange Multi Sensory Self Care Therapy.

Designed and developed by Andrew Sercombe, Cert Ed, MAC, Director of Powerchange.


MuSSC  is a Psychological Needs Replacement therapeutic technique for clients committed to developing their own emotional wellbeing.

Developed from established Powerchange Therapeutic Coaching models (10/10, Auto-Response Psychology, Corrective Truth Technique, Powerbubbles, and others), MuSSC is designed as a non-sexual holistic sensory stimulant for people struggling with the results of emotional damage in their current situation or an earlier stage of life – infancy, childhood, young adulthood – or deprivation of care in relationships.


MuSSC focusses primarily on Auditory, Visual and Kinesthetic self-care provision.


MuSSC is designed to engage philosophically with the internationally accepted ‘Love Your Neighbour as Yourself’ life-principle.  A balanced caring for others as you care for yourself is widely recognised as an intrinsic part of individual and community wellbeing.

Simple and Complex

Whilst the technique is in itself is easy to implement – any time, any place –  it is based on significantly complex psychological and neurological theory.  It has been developed as a non-invasive oxytocin-stimulating therapeutic intervention, and it’s application needs to be explained to the client for greater effectiveness.  Without that explanation the depth of its effect may be significantly limited.

Self-authenticated and self-administered.

Once taught and understood, MuSSC is particularly effective when used by those who are prepared to take it seriously, either experimentally or as an effective self-administered therapy.


A training programme is being developed for coaches and therapists.

More information is available from Powerchange: