“I have known Powerchange since its inception and Andrew Sercombe for longer still. Both the company and the man are of  the highest integrity and I cannot recommend them highly enough. Powerchange techniques deliver excellent results with individuals and with teams in both the personal and the corporate environment.

During my time as Marketing Director, Lombard Business Finance (an intensely competitive commercial business), I had personal experience of the power of Powerchange.

I continue to recommend their approach and their people because of their ethical stance and critically because I have witnessed the positive and dramatic change that Powerchange has enabled in both people and organisations.”

Paul Gee, Principal
Azure Business Consultants

Although we are specialists in sponsoring change, we would be foolish to presume for a moment that we know which questions to ask you until we know you better.

  • Revealing questions you’ve never thought to ask yourself
  • Very sophisticated questions that literally reorientate people’s way of thinking – and what you are doing in your business
  • Questions that help you do less, and get better results
  • Questions that make your business and personal life work better
  • Knowledge-creating questions that improve communication, relationships, morale, your effectiveness as a person and the effectiveness of your business
  • Questions that increase profitability and your personal happiness

We need to connect, so contact us for a down-to-earth, hype-free, honest conversation to find out whether you need us or not. We’re here to help, not waste your time and money.