Motivation and Wellbeing

A healthy sense of motivation is essential to your well-being.

How it it that some people have very little motivation – or are motivated by something that doesn’t fit their deeper values – whilst others seem to be inspired, energised and alive and can’t wait to get on with life?

“Away From” motivators:

Things like: the desire to get away from debt, being controlled by others, worry, loneliness, depression, failure, or a painful past.


“Towards” motivators:
Things like: the desire for a happy family life, acceptance by a particular person or people, the pleasure of a successful career, a happy retirement, a healthy mind and body, financial security, a healthy work / life balance, respect.

Powerchange coaching offers you the opportunity to look at the obvious and the hidden motivators you have and make sure they are working for you the way you want.

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