For the Coach, the Powerchange Coaching System includes:

People – highly trained coaches around you who are choosing to ‘live the brand’ of a coaching lifestyle in general and Powerchange in particular.

Tools – highly effective original psychological processes that do the job of helping clients get the results they want.

Skills – the ability of our coaches to work effectively, professionally and with a growing mastery of this amazing world.

Materials – proven high quality branded coaching materials that are unique to Powerchange Coaches and WORK.

Branding – ‘Powerchange®‘ is becoming a recognised and respected brand in the field of human development solutions.

Professional support – including contracts, insurance and practical day-to-day coaching support for coaches.

CPD – Continuous Professional Development is essential in this fast-moving industry.  Our CPD includes benchmarking, coach-the-coach, and ongoing training programmes as well.

The Powerchange Association – a growing family of coaches who are there for each other.