Living Learning

Living Learning.

The best learning isn’t merely theoretical, just-in-your-head knowledge, but knowledge that changes the way you live and relate to others. Living learning is radically different.  It is alive, working and growing in your brain, keeping you alive in the best sense of the word.

Powerchange ‘Living Learning’ is applied psychologically to your situation.  We help you embed it into everyday life.  Practically. Explained. You understand.  And living learning, when properly coached into your daily life will serve you well forever – however much ‘ever’ you have to come.

We teach you as well as coach you, so you find out what you’re actually missing out on quickly and efficiently. It’s not mere information – heaven knows we get enough of that – but powerful fresh, new insight. Both practical and deep. We don’t do shallow.

Of course we’ll love it if you have a look around this site, but you won’t get what you need just from reading, surfing, perusing here. You’ll need to move beyond these pages, and contact someone real, a real person.  Although that may be a challenge for some, we’re confident that when you do you will be rewarded, relieved, inspired.

So reach out.  The best Living Learning comes from a person you trust, like a teacher who knows what they’re talking about (and you like!), or someone else who takes the time to find out personally what you need to know. And patiently explains it, answering your questions.  It doesn’t need to be one of our team, though of course we would love to help you.  But it does need to be someone other than you. An independent person. Generally not a ‘friend’.

You can’t get that from some generic Knowledge Base or FAQ page, however good it is.

And when you’re done reading and exploring, call or text (UK) 0777-163-1945, or email me, Andrew Sercombe, to learn more.  Ask what you like.  No holds barred. And no commitment.

Powerchange is here to help, and help you.

Yes, Powerchange is the personal development service you can use for your life.  Ready?