Corrective Truth Technique

Positive Psychology works, but we’ve found Corrective Truth Technique (CTT) works betterand needs no long-term reinforcement once established in the client’s thinking. 

Corrective Truth Technique (CTT), is a psycho-therapeutic method of correcting damaged and damaging perspectives held by a client on their life and world. The end result? They live with increased freedom.  In Powerchange we use it to neutralise emotional damage and re-establish a healthy foundational platform for a client’s thoughts.

People seek Meaning and Clarity in order to get Closure (MCC).  Closure is very important to most of us. Even the hope of closure is important. With CTT, the client’s assumptions and perceptions of ‘Truth’ are corrected through the use of ‘constructive doubt’. Then comes re-examination, repair and/or replacement of any distorted underlying perceptions.  As clients create more satisfying clearer meanings to their experiences they are able, for instance, to bring closure to a traumatising memory. And sleep at night.

‘Laser eye surgery’ for the brain.

When I had my eyes lasered, as I got up of the operating table I could immediately see differently.  I remember how weird it was to put my glasses ON and NOT be able to see! I no longer needed them. And because I could see properly I was less likely to trip, fall or injure myself in the future.  (And I could read the time on the clock the other side of the room.)

In the same way that corrective eye surgery undoes the physical distortion of what a person sees – due to a birth ‘defect’, accident, trauma, cancer, or illness – CTT takes the process of physical repair to the psychological and emotional health of the client. This may include correcting experiences of excessive stress, including phobic and other fear-based damage, PTSD, depression, bi-polar, eating and relational disorders.

Of course we now know that psychological issues ARE ‘physical’ as they actively affect your neural networks. Truth heals – with CTT you will see your life more clearly, feel more settled and secure, and be less vulnerable to distortion and further damage. 

CTT may be included in your appointment with a Powerchange Personal Development Consultant.  Expect your coach to introduce a completely different ‘take’ on your difficult or traumatic experience – however deeply entrenched it may be.  Clients talk of feeling ‘non-plussed’ or not knowing what to say. They often stop talking altogether for a few minutes and want to just sit peacefully whilst their brain reprograms itself with the new Corrective Truth installed. It isn’t long before they surface again with a smile.  Twenty/twenty vision makes the world easier to handle.