CAFE Styles

“I’m using this information everywhere, from my nearest and dearest to the most intimidating of clients”

Better relationships all round

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Connect Well is a must for those who want to understand people at a deeper level or who are responsible for those who need to be more effective in the connections they make.

This coaching seminar (1-2-1 or a group) is based in proven cognitive-behavioural psychology and gives outstanding results.

Personal Benefits:

  • Understand your own communication style
  • Feel more comfortable with people
  • Repair and renovate family relationships
  • Get rid of unintended stress and conflict
  • Make your friendships work better
  • Understand your children (and your parents)
  • Get on better with your partner

Work and Business Benefits:

  • Improve relationships at every level
  • Increase sales by helping  your clients and customers buy from you
  • Reduce the cost of relationship breakdown
  • Boost your presentation skills
  • Reduce stress and absenteeism
  • Neutralise personality clashes

Cut stress, improve relationships and boost your productivity

‘Connect Well’ gives you additional knowledge and skill to connect well with people – anywhere, any time, with anyone.

It is a neat, easy-to-grasp explanation of the styles of behaviour people use to get a point across, and to better understand what they are saying ‘behind the scenes’.

The C.A.F.E. Connection System will make you much better equipped to understand how other people feel and enable you to use that information to connect, motivate, empathise and care. You’ll be able to help them understand you better too.


The C.A.F.E. Connection System goes beyond words. It takes you into a world of holistic and integrated communication that honours people. As with most Powerchange techniques, we put this knowledge into the context of the day-to-day. In many ways that is the attraction. It’s ‘real’ and it works.

Instead of asking “How on earth can I get through to this person?” or trying to avoid the situation, make a confident connection that works, using ‘Connect Well’.

No obligation when you call or email. Who knows where better relationships will lead?