Map of Human Influence

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Map of Human Influence

Let’s assume you want to improve your leadership and influencing knowledge base.

The "Map of Human Influence" is a 90-minute seminar for you personally, your team or company that explains the psychology of influencing others:

  • What to SAY and what NOT to SAY

  • HOW to make what you say acceptable

  • The psychology behind MOTIVATION

  • How to make PRAISE much more powerful

  • How to CORRECT people without them taking offence

  • How to influence people you can’t meet

… and it’s laid out on one A4 card for you.

Your leadership depends on how you influence those you want to lead. In 90 minutes, the knowledge you gain from our Map of Human Influence will affect your approach for good. 


1.  It is simple to understand and implement
2.  The Map replaces haphazard, hit-and-miss unproductive behaviour.
3.  It gives you another level of control.
4.  It enables you to engage confidently with tough situations and change them.
5.  It is unnervingly effective.