From Self Harm to her ‘Throne’.

Her name and location have been withheld for privacy.

Powerchange can make a difference where other more traditional (old psychology) methods are not working.

Often, simply talking about trauma or loss brings emotional hurt back to front of mind and makes it more difficult to move forward. At Powerchange we improve thinking by showing clients how their brain works, and in the process how to regain control of their thinking. Our approach is based around Auto-Response Psychology where our thinking operates quietly and efficiently most of the time – until disturbed by trauma.

What you think and how you think are your property and we work with people to show them how easy it is in reality to move unhelpful thoughts into more useful places – and how to change them so that they will never have the power to inflict pain again. This can usually be done in a couple of hours and the process used is content-free, so the detail is not aired and so does not have the power to damage any more.

To Andrew,

I would like to cancel our appointment that we arranged. To be honest, I feel so much better and I don’t feel as though I need another session with you at this time. I feel a lot calmer about everything since our telephone conversation which I found helpful as you reminded me of what we did in the session.
I have made changes and decisions and am seeing myself and my life in a more positive light. Since our session I have realised that I have a future, I deserve a future (what with being a 10!) and can see that future as a result. As a result of my new outlook I have decided to move to [town] as I mentioned. I am also making different life choices – I have not self-harmed since our session and am eating – after all I am a 10 and the future ‘me’ says to look after me so that is what I am doing. I have also let people in, a while ago [name] told me how she felt about me and I made some rubbish excuse that I didn’t want to ruin our friendship when, truth be told, I was scared to let her in. But guess what – since our session I have been clearer about what I want, and I realise that I want her, so we are now moving things forward.
As for the throne-room analogy, I’m going back to sit on my ‘throne’ – I’ve been spending time in there and re-decorating – it’s a very special place to be.
Thank you for you time and support – I will never forget it!
All the best