Coach’s Comment:

Sean presented as a nervous, sceptical client. He had needed some persuading to come to the appointment and was brought by his mother, who was clearly (and justifiably) very concerned. He was not in good shape psychologically, and I took time to build a strong bridge of trust – from before he got out of the car. (I met the car as they drew up.) The three of us had coffee together, with me setting the serious/playful/professional approach we use. It helped them both.  His mum went off into town and he came through to my office.

I could see he was desperate, not least to avoid another ‘failure session’.  I used a combination of exercises that together weaken the grip of unhelpful thought patterns  – ‘unlearning’ – and introduce new WAYS of thinking. They literally create new neurological pathways in the brain, opening the ‘trap’ the client perceives they are in. Like any trapped animal he saw the open door and went for it! He was free, and knew it.

I spent another hour a week or so later on the phone with Sean. It often happens that the ‘healthy disturbance’ the client experiences on the coaching session results in a certain amount of initial disorientation in the ensuing days.  They feel a bit like a baby being born into a new and unfamiliar world that is a massive learning experience and that needs handling wisely.  However, a newborn baby has a very strong determination to live and grow in the real world and a baby’s perceived fragility can be deceiving. This applies to clients like Sean too.

Sean has re-discovered his appetite for life. It really didn’t take very long at all, an hour or so, to get to the root of his thinking and change it. I’m looking forward to doing his ‘consolidation appointment’ in a month’s time. He is a very different young man.

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Taking back control of my life

Sean is a sensitive 20 year old student, studying animation. Here is his story:

My life has been an endless loop of problems. Thinking of how everything seemed to go so well when I was younger became a big question to me. Why not now? Thoughts went in circles and ideas popped up that would not be achieved. I had been suffering from depression for at least 10 years. I couldn’t find the hope needed to inspire me in life. I was very scared. And being a highly sensitive person with anxiety problems I didn’t think I’d be able to, or want to see my life to the end. My hope of actually feeling better some day was dwindling.

Luckily for me I had my family who attempted to help me. I had been calling up my mum every day and talking to her. I looked up to her as if she was my life force and that I hadn’t had my own. I relied upon her to control my life and make it a great one which wasn’t happening which frustrated me. But my family lacked the knowledge needed to understand my problems. My Aunty was also having problems and being in the situation she was in, searched for help.

One doctor suggested she see Andrew Sercombe. My Aunty said he worked miracles for her and instantly referred me to him. Of course we are human, we don’t relinquish all our beliefs for a cure on one man. We need to see it to believe it. Or even better, experience it. And with Andrew I did. 

I had an appointment with Andrew, and in all my life I had never thought it would be so clear to me. Like jumping through a brick wall which turned out to be just thin air. I was able to control everything in my life and give myself what I was hoping my mum was going to give me – direction to do what made me feel great.  This is something I would have failed at with my old beliefs and now will not. Because Andrew showed me that it was not a brick wall stopping me. It was just myself. My thoughts and feelings. 

Once I knew how they were doing that, the brick wall disappeared. It was just thin air. I could see myself doing anything I wanted and feeling great doing it. It was mentally and physically life changing. Now life actually looks the way we all thought it should. It’s marvellous. BUT – and it is a big but – it is amazing how easily we can pass it by, how something this big can be blinded from our view. From something we hold so close to our hearts… our feelings. 

I would have never imagined meeting someone like Andrew. He is what you see in movies. That someone you so want to meet but you believe isn’t out there. That someone who makes the fairytale ending.  A lot of movies hold a message. The message being that it is out there and you just have to seek it. I have now found it. Andrew is the real thing. A guru of life! 

I am now the Guru of my own life. And I am loving it.

Thanks Andrew!!!

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