Your coaching will change your life.  Forever.  Here are some client benefits you can look forward to:

The Unexpected – the first two or three sessions can be profoundly releasing, like switching a light on in a darkened room.  Suddenly you see things you had no idea were there. That can be disorientating too, particularly for people who like to be in control. Your brain isn’t used to this new way of thinking, so don’t be surprised if you go away with one or two priceless transforming gems – and a pool of new unknowns!  All normal. Any new journey brings surprises.

A Sense of Security – the assurance that your coach will look after you.  Your Powerchange Coach has been thoroughly trained, knows what he or she is doing, is trustworthy and has a clear support system in place.  Our coaches are accountable to and accredited by the Powerchange Association.

Flexibility -the opportunity to ‘start anywhere, go everywhere’ for those clients who are not clear on what they want from their coaching.  We may seem to ‘ramble’ a bit, but your coach has a map and a compass and together you’ll discover the way forward.

An enjoyable coaching experience – we like to bring out the smile in our clients, who leave the session feeling energised and with a healthy sense of well-being.

Built-in Support – Texts, emails, phone calls, materials to work through if you like, are all on tap. Powerchange also has a unique variety of Specialist Coaches – health and fitness, executive and performance coaching, emotional health coaching, family, life-coaching, education, relationships, and many more. We all help each other to get the best for you.

Unlimited opportunities to take your coaching further if you want to – or not. We regularly have clients taking a break from coaching and coming back to us months and sometimes years later when they are ready, like you, to take the next step forward.