Yes, we can.

Over the last two decades we have provided fresh, inspiring training.  These include our comprehensive flagship 24-day GOLD Coach Training Programme (and sections from it), unique Business Development Workshops, two-hour seminars, and one to one training tutorials.

We have presented training for voluntary and public sector organisations, schools, churches, small businesses, and individuals.

Can we tailor-make a unique workshop or help you develop a full strategic programme for your organisation, business or team?

Yes, we can.  It starts with a call – your call.

This sort of thing:

Enhancing Your Influence

This one-day practical seminar touches on the very core of excellent communication: the ‘unconscious’ thoughts, learned opinions and hidden beliefs we have about ourselves and those we connect with on a day to day basis – even before we start!

Self-Esteem Repair Kit

Typically, this training day focuses on the way a sense of high self-esteem can be permanently and fully regained – and how to manage and take advantage of the longer term impact of what is often a challenging life-transforming shift for the better.

Do what you like Marketing Strategy

Not sure how to work this into your business?  I’ll help you, no problem.  You’ll enjoy it too.  Isn’t life too short for you to end up like most of the stressed and trying-too-hard sales people around?  No more sales books to read – unless you WANT to read them, of course.

Away-Day Team Training?

You want something different from the ‘training-today-forgotten-tomorrow’ offers available?

We set out with you to provide an unforgettable training away-day. As one training manager said to us, “I’d cancel all the other training we do to have more of what you provide!” 

How do we do it?  Well, to start with, we don’t do ‘shallow’ or ‘thin’. We’re not interested in short term gain, yours or ours. We want your people to gain lasting, transferable benefit from what we provide them together.

And of course we use a coaching style.  It’s such an effective way for people to learn new things.

Seen something here that you’d like embedded in your team? Got a question about an issue you’d like to have a quiet chat about?  Then email us and we’ll get back to you for a confidential no-commitment conversation and maybe find that perfect ‘fit’ with you, your team and your circumstances.