Business Testimonials

Business Testimonials

Paul Gee, Principal, Azure Business Consultants,

I have known Powerchange since its inception and Andrew Sercombe for longer still. Both the company and the man are of  the highest integrity and I cannot recommend them highly enough. Powerchange techniques deliver excellent results with individuals and with teams in both the personal and the corporate environment.
During my time as Marketing Director, Lombard Business Finance (an intensely competitive commercial business), I had personal experience of the power of Powerchange.
I continue to recommend their approach and their people because of their ethical stance and critically because I have witnessed the positive and dramatic change that Powerchange has enabled in both people and organisations.

Chris Spriggs: Director of Lifespace:

“Andrew is the sort of guy who you just know is authentically committed to helping you get what you want. Five years on, the influence of his coaching is still very evident in my day to day work and relationships where I see continually satisfying results. Is working with Andrew life-changing? You just need to know it’s much more than that.”

Steve Cox, CEO Treecall (Top arboreal consultant in the south of England):

“My life has changed since I came into contact with Powerchange.  The help and support I have received has been instrumental in founding and establishing my business and in encouraging me to think bigger and better. Powerchange is an integral part of my vision for the future.
Sometimes you need someone who believes in you. Sometimes you just  need help to believe in yourself. Powerchange has helped me in both ways.”

David Grove, Finance Director of Chichester District Council:

“My 7 year association with Powerchange has given me the ability and confidence to positively make decisions about my life.  At a time when major life-changing events required me to be in control, I was glad to have the flexibility of my Powerchange ‘toolbox’.
Powerchange was the catalyst for deep-rooted lasting change through my personal and spiritual growth.  My colleagues and loved ones can see I live a purpose-driven life.  I now have an inner sense of peace and hope which I carry in my every day living.”

Steve Anonymous: CEO of a leading publishing or consulting business:

“Andrew skilfully guided me to the core of the issues I needed to realise and deal with, he enabled me be still enough to see beyond the surface level and reach depths of insight that have really helped me. His challenging approach worked for me, whether this is his usual style or one adopted for me I am unsure, irrespective the chemistry was right.
I strongly recommend the services of Andrew and Powerchange for anyone wishing to understand themselves and their situation better.”

Tim Adlam: Design Engineer at Bath Institute of Medical Engineering:

“I have known Andrew for a long time. We have shared good times and some very difficult times. He has consistently been caring, good at listening and insightful in range of situations. The right comment from Andrew at the right time Andrew transformed my career and has made a leader out me rather than would-be leader. Thank you Andrew. I appreciate your honesty, integrity and the time you’ve made for me.

Joff Day: CEO,  Entrepreneurs Insights

“Andrew has proved himself to be a great trainer, coach and friend. The very first coach training of his that I attended was life-changing. His continued coaching and mentoring has proved invaluable to me personally and to my business. With his help and encouragement I started my own practice and also worked with him in Powerchange for a time.
I would not be where I am today without Andrew’s input. If you can get any time with him either to be trained or coached, that time – and any money you invest – will be amply rewarded.”

Dr. Anne Scott, Transitions specialist:

“Sometimes in life we want to make small changes, sometimes we want to make huge changes, and sometimes changes (small and huge) are forced upon us without us asking.  Change requires courage.  Powerchange has inspired me to access that courage and make changes in my life – so much so that I am now passionate to be the catalyst for change in others.”

Roy Stannard, Powerchange Ltd:

“Andrew has been many things in his life – but the common demominator is the gift of discerning historic bottlenecks – and the best next step – whether it be for his own business, the way forward for a group or a solution for an individual. In commercial life, this is priceless.
I have been privileged to be able to assist in a small way at nodal points of the business evolution of Powerchange but now see this organisation as offering exciting possibilities alongside its offer of sure and wise counsel in an increasingly rudderless business world.Its website – provides a small taste of this.”