‘Friend for Life’ mentoring.

A red telephone box sits at the side of a single track road in Shetland, Uk, Mentoring provides an opportunity to stop and talk through the journey.
Stop for some conversation with a friend on the journey of life.

Want some personal help and support?

Friend for Life from Powerchange brings medium to longer-term holistic ‘dynamic support’ mentoring to those who want a regular ongoing input of encouragement and insight – and some help in the way they think and decide about their everyday lives, work and relationships.

I had a mentor – he changed my thinking, my behaviour and my perceptions. What started as a single conversation walking along a beach early one morning became half a lifetime of priceless mentoring support, encouragement and care. We met every week to start with, then once a month. It was so, so good. Our conversations changed everything for the better. He was 30 years my senior, wise and trustworthy. Today I’m offering you what he gave me.

“Andrew’s insight, wisdom and role as an encouraging ‘critical friend’ has been a game-changer for me in and out of the workplace. He’s helped transform areas that had been stuck for many years.” RH, senior marketing specialist for international charity.

Dynamic Support

Friend for Life adjusts and flexes to your life, work and needs. We call it Dynamic Support, because that’s what it is. Every day you move on, and so does our Friend for Life mentoring. This ‘dynamic’ mentoring support provides what you need when you need it.

Having a wise friend to talk to changed my life. It will change yours too.

  • How are you currently seeing the road ahead, the world, your work, your boss, your friends and colleagues? Or yourself? (And how do they see you?)
  • Not sure about what to do, say, or think and would value some wisdom?
  • Feel alone – or simply want private access to a down-to-earth conversation with a friend you can trust?
How are you seeing it?

‘Friend for Life’ mentoring is individually tailored to what will work best for you: depth, scope, time, duration, frequency, price – everything. Call/text me personally: (UK +44) 07771631945 or email me here: andrew@powerchange.com.

A skilled ‘professional friend’?

  • When you want a supporter on your side who will take an active interest in what you’re doing and provide some perspective
  • When you just need a skilled ‘someone’ to draw alongside to help for a while – some sort of experienced professional friend you can use as a sounding board
  • When you wish you could have an independent, honest, confidential real person to care about what you’re doing…

Make it happen. Call or text me 0777 163 1945. andrew@powerchange.com

Friend for Life mentoring from Powerchange brings together a lifetime of professional coaching and training experience in personal development, and ongoing one-to-one independent pastoral care. And it’s here for you! Call, text or email me. I lead the Powerchange Friend for Life mentoring and care team and am here, just a phone call away, to help you.

Make it happen. Call or text me 0777 163 1945. andrew@powerchange.com

Andrew Sercombe CEO at Powerchange.

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PS: All the resources of Powerchange are available to our Friend for Life clients as part of our weekly and monthly packages. Just ask.