Our Style

A Simpler Way

There always seems to be one – if we will step back, be curious, and honestly enquire.

At Powerchange we want to be a good example of a business and lifestyle that benefits everyone by staying curious, playful and experimental, having a healthy attitude and seeking to be wise.  We like to make life easier, simpler, more satisfying. As a team of men and women of different ages and from a variety of cultural backgrounds we have set ourselves to help you and your colleagues enjoy every day – whatever you plan to do.

Each coach on this website is trained by us and has proved themselves on our ongoing benchmarking and assessment programme of Continuous Professional Development. Most of the team have a speciality of some kind. Between us we have a wealth of experience with people from any age and wide professional backgrounds which we share fluidly through the team.

We want the Powerchange Personal Development Service to be available to every person and every business. If there is some resonance in you with what we are doing for others and you like what you find on this site, get in touch.

We are committed to being worthy of your trust and value your feedback. You can only make us better.

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