Coaching Comment:

When working with Sam I used Creative Replacement, a technique we’ve developed to provide her with what she needed. Creative Replacement does what it says: it creates a replacement for something lost or missing. C-R offers the client a way to provide a resource for themselves that they can access quickly and easily at any moment. Sam is a fast learner and once I’d taught her how to do it, she practised it with me a few times to get the idea of how easy it is to do for herself, and how quickly –  just a second or two once you know how.

This was important for Sam for two reasons:

1. She needed the resource.

2. She had been leaning on others for it which made her feel (and appear) ‘needy’. That wasn’t doing her self esteem or confidence any good.

Two birds with one stone!  The session finished early, just an hour and twenty minutes this time.

Session 2

Hi Andrew,

When I met you two years ago the effect our session had on me was profound. Since that day just over two years ago I have not felt the emotion of guilt – which has transformed my life. 

Recently I was feeling insecure, lacking in self esteem and confidence. I decided the time was right to contact you again.

So having left my second session I have that same sense of a profound difference.  I left that room a different person, I have a very safe, secure, confident and self assured feeling within me and it’s not going anywhere!

I’ve just re-read my email for typo’s and noticed myself saying "I was lacking", already past tense!  Thank you for helping me to change my life, I will be eternally grateful and look forward to meeting you again in the future.

Kindest regards