Fields of Strength

Fields of Strength

“Don’t get mad, get even”?

Fields of Strength coaching tool is completely different. It is a four-page programme that you and your Powerchange Coach work together on. After only an hour or so you will notice a significant difference to the power you have to overcome injustice or threatening behaviour.

Fields of Strength works by redressing the power-balance between you and others. It makes you stronger, more powerful, better equipped, ready. It is the best sort of ‘getting even.’ We use it with teens as well as adults so they can build for themselves the strength they need.

  • Correct imbalances of power
  • Prevent and neutralise bullying at school, in the home and at work
  • Empower daily performance
  • Restore harmony and balance to your relationships


Fields of Strength sorts out the INTERNAL conflicts people experience too, when your head tells you one thing and your heart tells you something else. As always, we’ll show you how.

Regardless of your age or status, getting ‘even’ usually means further damage, recrimination, anger and revenge, not least to YOU. These are negatives you can do without, especially when there is a better way: Fields of Strength Programme. 

We take a stand with you against injustice and damaging behaviour. That the reason we developed this practical pack.