Cognitive Redelineation

Cognitive Redelineation sounds complicated, and in a sense it is.  Let’s go through it:

Cognitive:  It’s about the way you think.  

Delineation: Where you draw the lines.

Redelineation:  Drawing the lines somewhere else.

So “Cognitive Redelineation” is drawing the lines in your thinking somewhere else, somewhere more useful for you, somewhere that doesn’t conflict, or in this case, returning the lines, the boundaries of your thoughts and thinking, back to where they belong.

People often find that the boundaries of their thinking have been shifted by the undermining and eroding experiences of life, or by a significant ‘short-and-sharp’ damaging experience, a trauma. Often the boundary has been destroyed with a resulting sense of confusion or disturbance. 

We use Cognitive Redelineation to enable the client to put their thinking back where it belongs, and we use this particularly in the context of self worth.  It’s a brilliant – and when done properly, permanent – therapeutic coaching technique.