Thank you.

Coach’s Comment

This lady was initially reluctant to get in touch, although we had been ‘highly recommended’ by another client in her organisation. (That’s quite normal. Sometimes it takes a while to finally get in touch.) Although she has been divorced, signing up for the Friend For Life package meant she doesn’t have to contemplate handling the future alone, but has an independent professional ‘friend’ just a call or text away. (She now refers other people to Powerchange!)

She writes:

“Thank you for all the help you have given and are giving me – I truly wish I had found you years ago – although I guess I had to get in a place where I was ready to accept help and guidance (I have been very stubborn, as you know, towards myself!)

“I consciously work on what you share with me all the time and often refer back to my notes if I feel I am wandering off piste…however, it is becoming easier to just remember and do it without having to be so aware of doing so.

“My friends especially have noticed a change in me and my kids are happy to see me taking hold of the reins again properly so all good. 

“I am really pleased I can continue to ‘have you in my corner’ [with Friend For Life mentoring] going forwards as I was a little nervous that I was going to have to do the rest alone.

“Thank you for your wonderful intuition, guidance, enlightenment and motivation. I honestly feel empowered after each session in just a little more of my life. I use my ‘future self’ as my voice now in the way I used to use my mother but my future self is encouraging and supportive – totally not what Mum was sadly! 

“If I can help people in life anywhere near as much as you do (albeit in a different way) I will be  happy woman.”

HR Specialist, London.