Powerchange in Education

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Powerchange in EDUCATION

In and way beyond the classroom. Powerchange Education is here to help team leaders, teachers, parents and the students themselves make the most of their time in school.  From dealing with bullying to the psychological aspects of learning new things, Powerchange shows you how to coach your children. Like you and me, they want a sense of rewarding achievement and to feel good about themselves.

We offer Starmaker Personal Development Workshops and Seminars in Education.  These help both teenagers and adults to improve self esteem and develop interactive skills to assist them in the rough and tumble of school life.

We provide ‘Powerbubbles’ Personal State Management training for teachers working with children ages 7-12. Children love it!  Powerbubbles has been successfully used in UK schools.  It helps children prepare for and handle challenging situations, fit in better in the classroom, learn to play a musical instrument, concentrate, and play together.

Many of our coaches have backgrounds as school teachers, including Powerchange director Andrew Sercombe, and Powerchange’s certified coach supervisor Gillian Curtis. Education matters to us.

Members of our team also have specialist classroom experience of children, for instance, Music, and Special Needs.

Education is not just about the classroom and playground. It is about life.

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