Value yourself properly

Increase Self-Worth and Confidence with the Powerchanger™

You have worth.  Maybe you don’t quite  know it yet, or it has been damaged by somebody at some time. Self-worth and a sense of confidence fuel our ability to feel fulfilled, motivated and satisfied.  Valuing yourself properly inspires and controls confidence and productivity. It drives day to day functionality at work and elsewhere.

SWU from Powerchange is an outstandingly resourcing and effective technique. Clients tell us it makes you feel more valued and much stronger. You’ll not think about yourself the same way again.

However successful or fulfilled you are – or not – take your self-worth and confidence to a new level with this affirming coaching experience.

Book in for your Powerchanger™ – around 90 MINUTES  of one-on-one coaching.

Personal Benefits

  • Enjoy greater self-confidence
  • Feel more comfortable with yourself
  • Improve your personal and professional image where that is important
  • Regain control where you need to
  • Remove any need to ‘fake it’
  • Re-write the way you feel about yourself
  • Feel great – assured – whatever the company or situation you’re in

Business and Work Benefits

  • Reduce stress and damage from verbal and other abuse
  • Re-motivate people
  • Build respect and psychological buy-in
  • Accelerate learning intake
  • Install – or restore – a positive healthy outlook
  • Get people on-side, working as a team (and liking each other)
  • Empower employees and managers alike

Learn How

At the end of this single session of coaching you will not only know HOW levels of self-worth can be improved for ever in yourself and the people who matter to you, you will have MADE THE INITIAL CHANGES to make that happen.

You can book your appointment via email or phone right away:

or  077 7163 1945

Self Worth Unlocked is part of our Damage Repair Coaching.

Get your self worth unlocked with Powerchange – the Personal Development Service™.