Fail-safe Learning

Our coaching and courses are fail-safe

We are confident that you will ALWAYS increase your knowledge, learn what is important for you, and significantly alter your behaviour from the very beginning of any fail-safe course you take with us. We know that apparently small shifts can make huge differences. As one student innocently commented, “I haven’t changed – I’m just thinking differently that’s all.”

Fail-safe learning focuses on waiting to learn something until you want to know and you can appreciate its relevance. At that point the effectiveness of the learning process is exponentially increased due to the attraction of increased personal power, the anticipated pain of not knowing, and the curiosity developed naturally at the point of perceived need.


Fail-safe learning removes the fear of making mistakes on the basis that mistakes are never intentional and are the source of acute learning. “No failure, only feedback” – in other words, ‘failure’ is merely the name we give to an outcome we don’t want.

Your pace

Research shows that different people learn different things and learn at a different pace depending on their personality, attitude and learning skills. We also know that much of what you will learn will not be easily defined, so fear not, your commitment will be rewarded.

So you decide your pace, how much you learn and how soon. That’s success for YOU. We’ll support you to get there. If you make mistakes along the way, well done – you’ve just experienced enhanced learning.