Client Agreement

Powerchange Client Agreement.

All Powerchange coaching, including continued use of this website, is conditional on our clients acceptance of the following Powerchange Client Agreement:

“This Agreement sets out the basis upon which Powerchange Ltd, its agents, associates, partners and trainees (“Powerchange”) offers its products and services.  Please read it carefully and ask any questions you wish before completing it and signing.  If you are working with us online, please email to confirm that you have read and agree to abide by this contractual agreement.


Coaching/Supervision is here defined as ‘Any advice, question, comment, counsel or suggestion made formally or informally, in writing, verbally, on our website, through our products or in any other way, by any person or organisation representing, working in association or training with the Powerchange group of companies or the Powerchange brand.’

Powerchange products and services are certainly offered to the Client in good faith. We believe we provide unique resources, carefully suited to your immediate needs and longer-term well being. However as the outworking of our work with you is beyond our control we are unable to accept any liability whatsoever for the application and consequences of any products or services you receive from us. You are responsible for what you do with what we provide.

You also agree to tell us if you are currently working with another professional, e.g. a counsellor, coach, psychiatrist, or therapist, or are on any relevant medication. Your Powerchange coach/consultant will record this.


Powerchange coaching and supervision is confidential. You may have a copy of any information we keep about you. Client details are never discussed with anyone at any time except:

  • Where there is serious concern that there may be risk of significant harm. In such cases we reserve the right to inform police or medical authorities.
  • Where to withhold information is a contempt of Court or will cause a breach of the Law.
  • In order to consult with a specialist advisor or supervisor. To ensure that we provide the best possible service Powerchange coaches have specialist advisors available with whom they may at their discretion discuss client details.
  • At your written request. Please give us details.

Other Information

Powerchange coaching is powerful. The outworking of coaching usually takes time. Clients are encouraged to look forward to medium-term change as well as immediate shifts in current thinking and behaviour.

Fees. Coaching is charged as agreed by your Coach. Payment is due at the time of agreeing your coaching programme, or by arrangement with your Powerchange Coach/Consultant.  All fees are paid in advance and are non-returnable.

Intellectual property. All communication between client and coach is regarded as Copyright and confidential to the two parties and is for their sole use. You specifically agree not to copy or transmit in any form materials that could be regarded as intellectual property.

Approach. As well as using our extensive range of unique tools and techniques, Powerchange Coaching and Supervision draws from a broad spectrum of relevant perspectives, human development solutions,  developmental models, proven resources, skills, knowledge, therapies, coaching styles and techniques, with the primary aim of improving the daily experience and long term well-being of you the Client and those around you. You are of course perfectly free to accept or reject any coaching we provide. We actively encourage you to check out and test what you learn, and feed back results. If you have any concerns whatsoever about your coaching you agree to tell us. Phone us or email your concerns.

For administration purposes information about you may be stored digitally on computer. We NEVER share this information with third parties without your permission. Information may be used anonymously for training purposes. For the purposes of quality and our mutual security, we reserve the right to record sessions at any time.

For more about Powerchange you can visit our website at, phone us, or ask your Powerchange Coach.

This Agreement is subject to the law of England and Wales. All disputes arising out of this agreement shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales. Any disputes not resolved by normal complaints procedure will be resolved exclusively in the courts of England and Wales under English Law.

Your commitment to us:

“I accept the above terms and conditions.  I am over 18.”

(If client is under 18 years, parent or guardian must also sign.)



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