Powerchange Coaching System

Feeling good about the day?

With the Powerchange Coaching System working unobtrusively in the background of your life, every day can be a pleasure – pretty much anyway.

We’ll teach you the principles of our unique coaching system, drawn from six years of practical day-to-day coaching. They enable you get from A to B and beyond much more smoothly.

Think more clearly. Be more relaxed.

Learning from the past becomes much easier, making the right choices so much more straightforward, and living out (and working with) what you really value becomes the norm.

Some Options:

1. You can work with a carefully trained Powerchange GOLD Coach who understands something of the psychology behind what we do. Your coach will ask you some questions about your life, ambitions and thoughts – what sort of coaching will best fit you, your lifestyle and budget? What do you want from this? – and together you can decide on a way forward.

2. Another option is to train as a Powerchange GOLD Coach, booking onto our GOLD Coach training. Just click the brochure icon.

3. Still not sure? Contact our UK office. We’ll help you.