Affordable Coaching

We will provide you with up to an HOUR of Telephone or Skype Coaching for just £45!

For many people this is all they need to keep them emotionally healthy and focused in their lives.

Click the Subscribe button, and fix this month’s appointment by calling or texting Andrew on 07771631945 or by email.

Terms and Conditions and the Powerchange Client Agreement apply. We’ll explain more about how it works for you in our first introductory conversation together.


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With Powerchange you can start straight away. Are YOU ready?

Yes? Powerchange is keen to support you and your aspirations now, if you are committed to getting the coaching you need and are ready to change.

Powerchange coaching costs from just £45 a month. 

Having a coach ‘on tap’ for a short session once a month really works for some people:

  • It reduces a sense of isolation and aloneness
  • It can provide a sense of accountability
  • It offers the opportunity to have someone you can trust to bounce your thoughts off in confidence and give you an honest opinion.

You can start your coaching NOW. See the right hand column for more and to sign up.  Or call us for a no-commitment conversation 01903 733 399  /  Dir:07771631945 (UK)

We’ll pay for your Initial Assessment
We provide a free-to-you initial assessment with a Powerchange GOLD coach.  The coach will discuss your needs and aspirations, and explain some of the options available, and answer any questions you may have. He or she will also explain our confidentiality policy, our Client Agreement and Code of Conduct.

Most of our Initial Assessments are conducted informally on the phone, on Skype, or perhaps at a brief meeting. They take up to 30 minutes.

A Full Assessment takes about two hours and includes a coaching element. There is a fee for this.

Most people who are concerned about the cost of their coaching do all three:

  1. take the free 30 minutes
  2. attend a Full Initial Assessment as it is so powerfully informative and helpful
  3. then go on to invest in a monthly subscription.

We will not compromise the effectiveness of your coaching. We will provide a recommendation, then discuss with you any options you may prefer. 

Contact us. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.