Damage Repair Coaching

At first glance it may not show.

To all intents and purposes, at least on the surface,  things are just fine.  You’ve learnt how to apply the mask, the makeup, control the image.  But the truth is you know deep down the damage is there.  Your life stopped working properly some time ago.  You don’t respond to people the way you want – or the way you know they deserve.  You may have been told (or suspected anyway) you have PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) or something akin to it. Or been given some other diagnosis completely. Whether you have or not … well, it’s not great is it.

Another symptom of inner personal damage is wrapped up in the line “Damaged people damage people.”  Of course that is actually the very LAST thing they want, because the people who get hurt are often loved ones, or other people in your life you care about a lot.

Eventually it does.

People become very skilled at hiding damage.  So good that even they themselves don’t notice it! But those around them do – though may not want to risk saying so. To an experienced Powerchange coach it will be quickly obvious. (Which is good, isn’t it?)  Maybe that explains the fact that some people come for coaching for some other reason completely, but it soon becomes apparent that damage repair work is needed. The good thing is we’ll be straight with you, and then work together to repair it. Beautifully.

Finally it’s gone.

You have no idea what a relief it is for the people around that person – as well as the person themselves of course! – to have the damage sorted out.  The unpredictability, the moods, the tension, the compensating, the need to control, the anxiety, (and the other often complex associated physical and emotional issues) fade away. Sometimes they are gone in an instant. Done.