At Powerchange we coach people every week and make a difference to their lives that consistently reaches out into the years ahead. Not everyone is able to share their story for reasons of confidentiality, but we have enjoyed receiving these testimonials, emails and letters from people of every age and background who have felt the desire to share their stories. Here is a selection.

People are happy to talk to their friends about Powerchange.Take a little time to read some of these stories.  They are both reassuring and inspirational, and each is a real person whose life has been changed by their Powerchange coaching.

Relaxed, safe, confidential

Most of our clients had a series of just four two-hour sessions. That issue, that decision, that lifestyle, that stalemate that they thought was immoveable and unsurmountable was gone, not in weeks and months, but in just those few hours over perhaps two or three months. Our sessions are relaxed, safe and confidential.  You will improve the way you think and behave. Our mission is to help you live a life that you are proud to own.

(Confidentiality is a top priority for us, so some identifying details have been anonymised to protect our clients.)

Read these testimonials:

51,000 People – Tells you what can happen when you live differently. Paul Brookes trained with us. He now heads up Project Hope in South Africa.

Professional Approval – for our cutting-edge Therapeutic Coaching from top international psychiatrist Dr Peter Breggin.

Thank You. An encouraging thank you note for “your wonderful intuition, guidance, enlightenment and motivation” – and Friend For Life endorsement.  (Needless to say, we love notes like this!)

Self Harm –  ‘N’ came for one session, then this email arrived on my desk. Referred by a local counsellor (“This one is too difficult for me”), her whole attitude to the future changed.

Low Confidence –  30 years of confidence problems wiped out.  Low confidence doesn’t need to hamper YOU for the next 30 years.

Pippa’s Four Sessions  – “Watch out for Session 3” she says!   Andrew saw Pippa in London. She was pretty messed up but faking it well…

“I’m living and eating freely again.” – It isn’t always as complex as people sometimes think (once the root causes are uncovered and sorted.)

Tunnel of Fear – “I was stuck in a tunnel of fear” A must read!

“Bi-polar? No.” Labelled at eleven, and stuck with it for life? This woman’s story is one of liberation – from both stigma and medication

If you need more evidence before deciding you want or need to do this, feel free to look at the other stories, then call us.

(By the way, we generally wait several months before publishing testimonials.  You need to know that Powerchange coaching lasts.)