Sandra Nambasa in Kampala

A photo of Sandra Nambasa smiling into the camera with ivy in the background. She is wearing a red top and scarf, with black tightly plaited hair.

Sandra Nambasa – your Powerchange Coach in Uganda.

There is no need to drift through life trying to make your life work better if you can get the help of a skilled motivator and coach like Sandra Nambasa on board.  Life is often tough, sometimes really difficult and stressful. How about contacting someone who can help you?

Based in Kampala, Sandra Nambasa is Powerchange Coach for Uganda. She is a highly skilled and experienced coach and works with people from different walks of life, from business leaders to parents and young people. Sandra completed our UK GOLD Coach training in 2008. 

Unique and powerful coaching

Perceptive, professional and focused, Sandra will collaborate with you via Skype, FaceTime or one-to-one.  She will provide you with the support, insight and results you need, using our top quality Powerchange coaching tools, materials and techniques.  (Sandra Nambasa is the only person in Uganda and the surrounding  area certified in these life-changing cutting-edge techniques.)

Sandra Nambasa has the cultural background and understanding central to high performance, personal and emotional wellbeing here in Uganda. 

Maybe you need support, encouragement (or perhaps just courage.) Then get in touch. Working with Sandra will make a significant difference to your outlook on life wherever you are.  She will inspire your personal achievements and growth. Coaching with Sandra Nambasa is rewarding, demanding, and challenging.  (We think you’ll love it.)

Quality Controlled

Sandra Nambasa’s coaching is in turn supported and supervised by our CEO, Andrew Sercombe, in our UK office.  She has signed up to our Values, assuring you of high quality coaching from a trustworthy specialist coach.  If you have any concerns you can contact him directly at any time through this website.

Contact Sandra today

Find out more by emailing Sandra Nambasa today at her Kampala office.  She’ll get back to you promptly and you can arrange an introductory coaching conversation that will open your eyes and provide insight into your life.