Andrew Sercombe introduces you to PowerchangeMe:

Sometimes I need someone to ask me a different question, one that takes my thoughts in fresh directions – and then gives me time to answer. That’s what PowerchangeMe is all about. Each pack contains 55 interesting questions for you to think about, answer on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, and share with your friends if you want to. Even as we’ve been working on this project, the questions have been affecting our lives, giving us new insight and a fresh perspective. 

To download PowerchangeMe to your phone, go to click here (or via iTunes on your phone or computer). And for just £1.49 you can download another pack of +60 questions via the download link in the app so you’ll enjoy months of fresh thinking, get to know yourself better, and strengthen the ‘roots’ of your life – all for the price of a coffee.

And there is more. You can discover the relief of being coached by one of our team. We have special rates for telephone and Skype coaching. Just get in touch and we’ll be pleased to have a no-commitment conversation with you for a few minutes to find out what you want and what will fit you best. As you’ll see from this site, we’ve many happy clients from a wide range of backgrounds, who are living happier, more fulfilled lives.

So enjoy PowerchangeMe. Let the questions in to do their work. Treat the questions seriously and it will serve you very very well. PowerchangeMe is designed with thoughtful people in mind.

We’ve got all sorts of plans for PowerchangeMe in the coming months.  We’ll let you know all about them as they launch.

If you’ve any questions, or want to speak to one of us, use the site’s contact page here.

If you’re interested in what else is available from Powerchange, enjoy browsing the menu on the left – and the rest of the site.

Here’s to a better future for you and the world.