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Therapeutic Coaching is for people who are struggling to keep their heads above water, either at work or in their personal life. Many of our clients appear perfectly normal on the outside, but behind the facade they are in trouble. We are here to sort that out.

They may have tried various forms of counselling, hypnotherapy, or CBT with limited results. They’ve typically read endless books, magazines and articles on the web to see if that will help.

They may be on antidepressant medication – or trying to avoid it.

Other clients come to Powerchange before they get to that stage, but know they are persistently unhappy at work or at home and don’t like it.

Powerchange Coaching is highly specialised and highly effective, and works in weeks not years. We use very powerful in-house tools to empower the changes you need.

The truth is, no one needs to suffer from Persistent Unhappiness these days, so if you know anyone who looks great, but isn’t, or seems to be trying too hard, or is simply drowning, just put them in touch with us.

You are the person to connect us with the person who needs our help. If it’s you, then call or email. Check out the stories of those who have.  You will change, but nothing will change unless we connect up.

Powerchange Therapeutic Coaching is available internationally by Skype, and face to face in London, throughout Southern England, and in Wales.

Call direct for a no-commitment conversation: 07771631945

 Used and recommended by GPs and psychologists, Powerchange Therapeutic Coaching is proactively focused on your everyday emotional and physical wellbeing

When you are ready, take the first step and email or phone us for that initial no-commitment (and no cost) confidential conversation.