We coach young people in the following areas:

Confidence | Self-worth | Bullying | Violence | Verbal and Other abuse | Depression | Sadness | Lack of Motivation | Bereavement | Sleep disorders

Relationships with Parents, Teachers, Friends and Family, and themselves.

Exams | Failure | Fears and Phobias | Success Strategies | feeling Disenfranchised | Frustration | Misunderstanding

Money and Debt

Eating disorders | Body image | Weight and Smoking

Those with diagnosed conditions unable to get NHS professional help soon enough, including ADHD, PTSD, and HFA

Young People Matter

Young people uniquely take to coaching. They love it – and we love helping them! They are receptive, have a  strong sense of curiosity, and once trust is established, are keen to learn more and change. Attitude and behaviour are two main change zones.

We have developed some skill in working with young people who have High Functioning Autism traits.

We now have a significant portfolio of work with parents facing the turbulent teenage years and other transition times.

Parents matter

If your young person doesn’t want to meet with us, you come.  We can make a huge difference to the atmosphere in your home by working with and through you

Most important:  we start from where you are now, judgement free, and help you move to where you want to be.

Here is a taste of what we’ve done so far:

  • Many hours of coaching young people of every age and their parents.  The youngest we’ve worked with has been 7, more often we work with late teens and 20s.
  • A group of 10 year old special needs children working in school with one of our coaches in Somerset. (Excellent feedback from the children and school staff)
  • In East London, Lesley Lambeth, a Powerchange Coach has worked in 3 schools in the field of parent liaison, and ran a week-long Coaching for Kids programme for 9-14 year old young people, with fantastic results
  • In North London we have a specialist GOLD Coach, Gillian Curtis  coaching teenagers in difficulty, and again, the results are outstanding
  • In Worthing, CEO Andrew Sercombe worked for just 6 hours with six 16-19 long-term unemployed young people referred by a local agency. A month later, 5 of them were employed.
  • We have run “Bringing out the Best” workshops for young people from central London attended by 30 young people and some parents.
  • We have run personal development days for challenging young people.
  • We have provided training days for teachers.

We provide seminars on coaching for teachers, parents, students and university groups.

If you are a young person, or want coaching for a young person, call or email.

If you are part of a young person’s life, struggling to make sense of it all, or your relationship with your young person seems to be in trouble, call or email NOW, before it gets worse. We can do something about that.

The future matters, and it matters most of all to young people.