Powerchange: a team of unpretentious knowledgeable and skilled people committed to your well-being.

What would your reason be?

People come to Powerchange for all sorts of reasons. 

Clients have told us that they feel safe with our approach, the quality of our work, and our ethics. A person’s first introduction is usually as a result of meeting someone else whose life has been changed by Powerchange coaching. Others get in touch having heard one of us on radio, or they know someone has attended a course.

Edith attended a Careers Advisors’ 6-day training. She wrote:

"I wanted to let you know how glad I was that I had the opportunity to attend Powerchange Coaching. It has had a direct impact on my work, not least because it has had a direct and lasting impact on me… I’ve attended numerous corporate and local training courses and, without a doubt, none of them touch Powerchange Coaching – it’s learning at a deep level that can’t be ignored."

Among other things, it is because we’re prepared to coach to a level that really makes a difference (if you’re happy for us to do that) that clients choose Powerchange.

Whatever your primary reason to choose Powerchange, we give you our best. Live a life you are proud to own from today. Contact one of our team.