Your Life Redefined

As you check through this website, you’ll discover more about how Powerchange helps people redefine their life, past, present and future. Through our personal coaching, workshops and consultancy we facilitate beneficial change, whether you are a student at school struggling to face a seemingly overwhelming future or a senior  organisational leader wanting to redefine who they are and how they work, or living with your particular needs and challenges.

Most people agree that the essential aspects of our life and personality – business, health, finances, work, education, relationships, personal life, family, attitudes – are substantially defined by the past. Past experiences, people, and situations, particularly traumatic or strongly emotional times, profoundly influence the quality of everyday life in how happy, motivated and relaxed you are; how much money you have; where you live; the friends you have and even how healthy you are.

You no longer need to be defined by the past. The process of redefining your life and your future can begin now. As you choose to read on, stay curious and allow yourself to wonder what a redefined future might be like. Many others have chosen Powerchange coaching, finding a new outlook and new meaning. They have redefined themselves. What might be possible – for you?

You’re not a machine, but this illustration might help:  Working with a Powerchange facilitator will improve your thought processes, the way you think – its like refreshing your computer, removing unwanted files, bugs and hidden viruses you’ve picked up along the way. All of a sudden (literally – when it’s done it works straight away) you think more clearly, understand what is happening and live more relaxed, more usefully, find new meaning in what you do. You’ve begun the transforming process of redefining your life.

“For the first time in three years I had absolutely no feelings of anxiety.”

“Sleeping like a log and no nightmares. I feel great.”

“I am making different life choices.”

“Since our session I have realised that I have a future.”

These quotes come from clients who had a single two-hour appointment with one of our team and one further ‘checkup’ session. Occasionally a client needs another session or two.

What it’s like – some Powerchanged people tell how their lives have been redefined.

It’s not that easy, is it?

In one sense, no its not. That’s what we’re here for. We’re not here to do something you can easily do for yourself. In the same way as you are unable to see your own facial expressions when talking to another person, you are unable to access the behind-the-scenes activity of your own brain. The key drivers of your behaviour are hidden away in your thinking. Which is great when they work properly – and not at all great when they need to be changed.

In another sense it really is easy. As you learn HOW, redefining your life and how you think, live and work becomes a very straightforward thing to do.

How does being coached by Powerchange help?

In a word, we are very skilled at what helping you find the hidden stuff that drives the vast majority of your thoughts and actions. For most people it is a revelation. For some it is a surprise, and for a few a bit of a shock!

What hidden stuff?

99.9% of what you do every day is done without consciously thinking how. You dress, eat, form language, do your work, relate to others, make decisions, seemingly without thinking. These activities and attitudes have been programmed into your life in the past and now define you. They are what you’ve become. We call them ‘auto responses’. You’ve got thousands of them, and most of them work just fine. But sometimes, deep down, we no longer want to be defined by those past things. We want to be free to RE-define ourselves. But people don’t always know…

  • What to do about all the things that they don’t KNOW are there
  • How to delete or change the things they DON’T want, the things that are damaging them
  • How to check out their own hard-drive when they don’t even know what files they’re looking for
  • ‘Reboot’ their lives with an updated operating system, one that works much better in today’s world.

Using Powerchange’s unique Auto Response Psychology, we will help you learn about yourself, the way you ‘work’. You personally.  Your way of operating. We’ll help you redefine yourself, get more useful thinking processes established, and provide you with tools you can use every day to help you live much closer to your intentions. Or, to put it bluntly, we’ll help you live a happier, more effective, redefined life. One that is more rewarding, enjoyable and satisfying. Every day.

Ok, what next?

If you’d like to know more, call us for a no-commitment conversation.  Certainly, we’ll introduce ourselves and explain how we do things, but more importantly we’ll give you some early insights into YOU, and if you want to go ahead, we can arrange an appointment.

Call our UK office on 01903 744399. Or email us direct or use the Contact Us page. One thing we’ll guarantee: You’ll be glad you did.